Government School students win big for their art work on water conservation

Aiman Qadeer and Laiba Younas won the 2nd and 5th prize respectively in the national 5th Art for Change - International Child Art Competition and Exhibition 2018, organized by Discovering New Artists. Art work drawn by these students centered on expressing their thoughts on how to conserve water and find solutions to combat climate change and save the earth.

Describing her painting, Laibah said "I drew a kissan who is crying because his crops are dying due to lack of water in his village". Students from schools across Pakistan participated in the art competition, ranging from Beaconhouse School System Karachi Grammar School, Froebels International School to Hope Uplift Foundation School and Door of Awareness Grammar School.

Aiman and Laibah are students of Zindagi Trust's adopted school, SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School. Entries of these two students were selected amongst a total of 2300 entries from various schools across Pakistan, and were handpicked by a judge's panel consisting of senior artists. The judges included Ms. Rukhe Neelofar, Ms. Hurmat-ul-ain and Ms. Iram Wani.

Artwork drawn by Mariyam Khalid, Hira M. Naeem, Dar-e-Noor, Narmeen Afzal, Umaima Shakil, Nayyab M. Nasir, and Irqra Irfan, from SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School, and Fizza Fatima from Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School was also selected to be showcased in the exhibition.

The exhibition was held across Pakistan, in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, and is expected to be held internationally soon.

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