Streamlining Government Schools

In the initial stages of our involvement with our first adopted government school, we encountered challenges related to administrative inefficiencies. These included the inability of neighboring classrooms to share teachers and resources, as well as the decision-making responsibilities of school heads. Recognizing that this problem was prevalent among government schools in Karachi, we actively advocated for the consolidation of multiple schools operating under one campus into a single administrative entity.

School Consolidation

Our efforts resulted in the Sindh Government's implementation of the School Consolidation Policy in 2011. This policy mandated the merger of multiple school administrations located on the same campus or in close proximity, creating a unified educational institution now known as a Campus School.

This policy encompasses all government schools in the province and aims to enhance the capabilities of school heads, improve school management practices, optimize resource allocation, facilitate monitoring processes, and foster community engagement.

Shehzad Roy, President of Zindagi Trust, discusses the crucial importance of school consolidation policies in an exclusive interview with GEO News, advocating for a brighter future through educational reform

Did it yield positive results?

Enhanced Resource Allocation

The consolidation resulted in improved resource allocation, streamlined decision-making, and enhanced efficiency in school management.

Strengthened School Leadership

The policy allowed for the appointment of more capable School Heads, leading to stronger leadership and better academic outcomes.

Improved Monitoring and Evaluation

It facilitated easier monitoring and evaluation of schools, ensuring accountability and progress towards educational goals.

Transform Lives Through Education

We’re hiring! Explore our openings and join the team.

Transform Lives Through Education

We’re hiring! Explore our openings and join the team.