Goals of the Art Curriculum

Art is essential for fostering creativity, emotional expression, and cultural awareness in students, contributing to their holistic educational development

Art History and Cultural Knowledge

Introduce the history of art and the cultural background of prominent artists for the knowledge of students.

Development of Soft Skills

Enhance various soft skills through art such as observational skills, inventive and creative thinking and idea-building ability.

Confidence Building

Boost the confidence of students by incorporating group activities and peer feedback into the study plan.

Freedom of Expression

Provide students with freedom of expression through art, enabling them to creatively explore and communicate their ideas.

Emotional and Mental Health

Improve the emotional and mental health of students by creating and finishing their artwork, which also helps in increasing their concentration.

Professional Development

Help teachers develop effective teaching methods and strategies to attain students' learning outcomes.

Strategic Foundations: Learning Objectives of the Art Curriculum