Need for Advocacy

Drawing on insights gained from our Pilot Projects for School Reform, we push for amendments to national and provincial policies and laws to enhance the quality of public schools in Pakistan. To achieve this goal, we focus our advocacy initiatives on:


Advocating to policy-makers is crucial as they have the power to enact laws and policies that can improve education in Pakistan.


Bureaucrats are responsible for implementing policies and programs. Advocating to them can ensure effective implementation of education reforms.

Government Stakeholders

Government stakeholders have a vested interest in the success of education in Pakistan. Advocating to them can help align their interests with education reform efforts.

Media & Press

The media and press have the ability to shape public opinion. Advocating to them can help raise awareness and generate support for education reform in Pakistan.

Policy Achievements

Our advocacy efforts have led to significant changes in policy and legislation regarding child protection, school governance, academics, and Enhancing the professional development of government teachers

Current Goals

We are currently advocating for the following goals to help Pakistan's children learn better, live safer lives, and reach their true potential:

Lobbying for Child Protection Policy

Advocating for a Child Protection Policy is vital to protect children, prevent abuse, and ensure their overall well-being and rights.

Development of Curriculum for Music, Art, Chess, LSBE

This is important to foster creativity, critical thinking, Life-Skills, and holistic education for comprehensive and well-rounded learning.

Raising awareness for Digital Safety

To protect children from online threats, cyberbullying, and privacy breaches, necessitating advocacy for safe and responsible digital practices.

Partnerships for Girls Empowerment & Safety

To ensure equal opportunities, protection from discrimination, and a safe environment, warranting advocacy for gender equality and rights.

In The News

Our advocacy efforts covered in the media, highlighting the importance of raising awareness and driving change.

Pakistan passes ‘historic’ bill banning corporal punishment of children

Child violence banned in Islamabad, campaigners aim for nationwide adoption.

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Sindh Education Dept. notifies Corporal Punishment Rules

5 years after passing the law, mistreatment of children in schools will be penalized.

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IHC to hear Shehzad Roy's plea against Corporal Punishment

Petition urges ban on physical punishment, protecting children from torture.

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New evaluation criteria for Teachers to improve the quality of education

Zindagi Trust advocated for improved teacher evaluation, replacing generic ACR with customized PER.

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Only 343 cases of child sexual exploitation reported in five years

Zindagi Trust and Meta collaborate to address child exploitation, urging reporting of cases against sexual predators.

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Shehzad Roy of Pakistan: Education activist extraordinaire

A popular singer using his fame to bring attention to issues of grave importance

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