Bank Alfalah and Zindagi Trust unite to transform education through integrating Digital Arts and the Financial Literacy

Karachi 2024: Bank Alfalah, a leading commercial bank in Pakistan, and Zindagi Trust, a pioneering non-profit organisation committed to transforming the landscape of education in Pakistan, are pleased to announce the initiation of the Digital Arts and Financial Literacy Program at Zindagi Trust schools.

This initiative is pivotal in Bank Alfalah's dedication to fostering educational innovation and digitisation in Pakistan. Bank Alfalah will be funding PKR 14.84 million over a span of two years to facilitate the establishment of a digital art lab and enhance their curriculum empowering young girls on their path to financial independence at an early age.

The program aims to evolve the educational landscape by integrating digital arts and essential financial literacy into the curriculum, offering girls professional opportunities in the digital world. The collaboration is set to benefit around 2,000 female students at Zindagi Trust’s adopted schools in one academic year. This will open doors for girls to develop valuable skills that are increasingly in demand increasing their access to professional opportunities in the long term. The girls will be better equipped to pursue rewarding careers and achieve financial independence in the future. 

Zindagi Trust, recognised for its innovative educational approaches, is breaking new ground by integrating Digital Arts and Financial Literacy into their adopted schools. This initiative marks another milestone in the organisation's history, where Zindagi Trust has consistently been a trailblazer, notably for introducing the innovative school adoption idea through Public-Private Partnership. This Digital Arts and Financial Literacy Program aspires to endow students with indispensable skills requisite for navigating the contemporary world, amalgamating artistic expression with financial acumen to nurture well-rounded individuals. This endeavour is poised to not only benefit the students within our immediate community but also myriad others across the expanse of Pakistan. Upon the successful implementation of this initiative within Zindagi Trust’s adopted schools and will be  advocating for its expansion and endeavouring to formulate a curriculum tailored for public schools in Sindh, and eventually throughout Pakistan.

Zindagi Trust has a rich history of success, particularly in Arts Education and this Digital Arts  will be a module for the existing Arts Program. The organisation's Arts Program has seen students consistently outperforming in various competitions, showcasing their exceptional talent and creativity. With the Digital Arts and Financial Literacy Program, Zindagi Trust is poised to take Arts Education to the next level, providing students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge. The framework for this groundbreaking program has been meticulously developed in collaboration with esteemed faculty from the Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture and Karachi University. Furthermore, Zindagi Trust has worked closely with Umair Najeeb, a renowned digital artist, to ensure the program is at the forefront of digital arts education.

"We are grateful to pioneer this initiative, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on our students", said Shahzad Roy, Founder and President at Zindagi Trust. "This collaboration with Bank Alfalah highlights our commitment to providing our students with the best possible education and opportunities for success."

Atif Bajwa, President and CEO of Bank Alfalah, emphasised, "We recognise the power of education in shaping futures, and through this collaboration, we aim to empower young girls with skills essential for success in the digital world. This initiative also aligns seamlessly with our ongoing commitment to digitisation, as we believe in leveraging technology to enhance the learning experiences of the next generation."

Zindagi Trust remains steadfast in its commitment to effecting transformative change through education and persistently endeavours to redefine the parameters of educational innovation. The operationalization of the inaugural Digital Arts Lab at SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School stands as a testament to this unwavering dedication to providing students with a superior educational experience. Additionally, plans are underway for the establishment of a second Digital Arts Lab at Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School, reaffirming the organisation's pledge to extend high-quality educational opportunities to a broader spectrum of students. Commencing from the academic year of 2024, the Digital Arts Program will be implemented, marking a significant step forward in enriching the educational landscape and fostering the holistic development of our students.