US Consulate General Visit

Press Release: Monday 12th Oct 2021, U.S. Consul General, Mark Stroh, along with his team visited Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School, a school adopted by the NGO, Zindagi Trust, where they were provided an extensive tour of the premises by the founder of the organization, Shehzad Roy along with the Chief Executive Officer, Hameedah Sayani.


The Consul General applauded the efforts of Zindagi Trust in restoring deteriorated classroom walls after adoption of the school, and transforming abandoned rooms into art halls and well-equipped computer labs, to help build a safe, learning atmosphere for the children.


Making his way through the art room, the Consul General exchanged warm greetings with students and commended the artworks created by the students. At the occasion, Shehzad Roy highlighted the positive impacts of introducing Arts and Music in the school curriculum and encouraged other government schools to replicate their example.


During the school tour, the Consul General was briefed about the various programs introduced by Zindagi Trust including Life Skills Based Education (LSBE), Music, Mind Sports (chess and scrabble) and Breakfast & Health Program in helping promote well-rounded learning of students, both inside and outside the classroom.


The general was also informed about the strides made by Zindagi Trust in the domain of Policy Legislation to prohibit corporal punishment and revise teacher evaluation forms at the provincial and federal level respectively to help make education more accessible and student centric for students throughout the country.


Near the end of the tour, the chief executive officer of Durbeen, Salma Alam, shed light on the work of Durbeen, a sister organization of Zindagi Trust, to help create high skilled teachers and elevate the quality of education being imparted, from an educator’s perspective.


At the end of his visit, Consul General congratulated the work bring carried out by Zindagi Trust and Durbeen and expressed his hope that these two organizations would continue to play a vital role in reforming public education of Pakistan.