Mumtaz Mir

Email: mir.mumtaz@gmail.com

Dr. Asif Qadeer
Email: drasaf@aol.com


Director (Voluntary Basis)

Khalid Qureishi

Email: kq@zindagitrust.org


Zindagi Trust Board of Directors
(on Voluntary Basis)



Tauheed Ashraf
Email: tauheed@zindagitrust.org


Chapter President - Atlanta

Dr. Muhammad Hasan Chauhan

Email: mhchauhan99@hotmail.com


Chapter President - Houston

Dr. Asaf Riyaz Qadeer

Email: drasaf@aol.com


Directors - Orlando

Mr. Shahzad Ahmed, Esq.

Email: shahzad@nejamelaw.com


Mr. Tahir Mustafa Ahmed
Email: tmaahmed@yahoo.com


Dr. Mohammad Shaukat Khan
Email: loharbanda@msn.com


Chapter President-Chicago

Dr. Sameer Shafi

Email: mosashafimd@hotmail.com


Director - Chicago

Mr. Faisal Rashid

Email: frash28@hotmail.com


Chapter President-San Diego:

Mr. Syed Umar

Email: sm.umar@gmail.com

Zindagi Trust USA Contact Details:
Zindagi Trust: Zindagi Trust USA, 9406 Wickham Way, Orlando, FL 32836
Telephone: 847-879-1020
Email: zt_usa@zindagitrust.org
Zindagi Trust Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)3 registered organization within the United States of America. Your donations qualify as a tax deduction. Tax ID: 20-1287010.

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