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The top graduates of the Paid to Learn primary education programme are selected for a Continuing Education Sponsorship, through which they are placed into a mainstream public or private school in the 6th grade and all their educational expenses up to high school graduation are covered by Zindagi Trust.

Here are the stories of some of these star students who have been sponsored by this programme so far:

Sana and Khanzaib
Learning is something nobody can steal from you
Salam from Shining Stars Sana and Khanzaib
From picking rags to coming first in class!
Madiha studies in the third grade at Zindagi Trust's non-formal school for working children.
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  Our first batch of graduates is now just a year away from Matriculation!
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  Tayyaba showed promise as a student from the day she started studying at one of our Paid to Learn schools
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Inspiration from an eighth-grade student
Kainat, a rising star from the Paid to Learn programme for working children
A 9th-grader juggling work, school & family
Motivated & focused are the first two words I would use to describe 14-year-old Alisha
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  Kainat Amin graduated in the top 10% of the class from Zindagi Trust's
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  Hello. This time we bring you the story of Dilber Malik
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Primary education totally changed my life
Star student from the street dreams of medical school
Without education we are blind to opportunity
This month's update comes to you from Rashid
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  Husna Yaseen graduated from our primary education programme for children
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  Without education we are blind to opportunity – it is education that gives us the ability to see beyond the visible path. read more »
Zubair's story - persevering through poverty
Join the Journey of Success
Zubair is an attentive student in class
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  This report takes you through the journey of the star graduates of thePTL for working children across Pakistan.
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