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From picking rags to coming first in class!
Tayyaba in class

Tayyaba showed promise as a student from the day she started studying at one of our Paid to Learn schools, where working children get an accelerated course in primary education. She says she is blessed to have been given the opportunity to get an education and thanks Zindagi Trust for supporting her studies. But starting this journey wasn’t easy.

Tayyaba’s father has now been working as a ragman and scrap dealer in the Rawalpindi region for a long time. At the age of 4, Tayyaba showed an interest in going to school but her parents strictly forbade her from doing so and told her that studying in a school would remain only a dream. Luck wasn’t having any of this, so when the regional coordinators and field workers from our Rawalpindi team visited her neighbourhood for a student enrollment drive, they managed to convince her family to spare her from working for a few hours to join a school located conveniently close to her home.

We caught up with Tayyaba recently and she looked back at how she embarked on a mission to get an education.

“I belong to a Pukhtoon family, where girls are not allowed to go to school. I am the first in my family who went to school and opened the door for rest of the girls of my community, who later got permission to join school. It is a great achievement of Zindagi Trust’s academic team who motivated my family as well as other Pukhtoon families in that area to specially send their girls to a Zindagi Trust school.”

Tayyaba had a clear passion for education and took her studies seriously from the start, which showed in her performance at school. At her primary school graduation ceremony, where she was one of the top students in her class, she spoke about how the two-year program proved to be life-changing and shared her experiences with other Zindagi Trust students:

“Doing our best is challenging but it is always going to make a difference in our life’s journey!”

After graduating from our primary education program, Tayyaba qualified for our scholarship for the most promising graduates and was placed in the 6th-grade of a mainstream private school, Al Huda Education System. She stood first in class in her very first year in a formal school setting and is now studying in the 7th-grade – a great achievement which makes all her teachers at Zindagi Trust as well as her family extremely proud.

Tayyaba loves to read in her spare time. Her future plans involve teaching at the same Zindagi Trust school where she first got introduced to education as she has a passion to serve the children living in the slum she grew up in. She pays tribute to all her teachers for their guidance and says she appreciates the way they have been teaching children like herself.

She beams as she tells us how proud her family is of her good academic performance continuing into secondary school as well. She promises to always give her best to her studies and is committed to learning as much as she can.

Zindagi Trust wishes Tayyaba all the best!






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