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Salam from Shining Stars Sana and Khanzaib
By Jahanara Shiraz - Director of Academics, Non-formal Schools
Sana reading in class

Our first batch of graduates is now just a year away from Matriculation! They have just taken their Class 9 Board Exams and reached Class 10. This month we bring to you the stories of Khanzaib and Sana - two promising Zindagi Trust graduates now studying at Al- Shams Grammar School in Karachi.

Khanzaib attends school from 8 to 1 pm and works till late at night in a garment shop to support his family and make ends meet. He studies in the Science section of Class 10 and is a top position holder in his class. He aspires to be an engineer.

He started his journey of education by joining one of Zindagi Trust’s primary schools for working children and deeply appreciates the trust for their support in convincing his parents and employers to allow him to attend school. Today his family is proud of his excellent academic performance continuing into secondary school as well.

Sana is another one of our stars who graduated from our non-formal school for working children and is now studying a private school with Khanzaib. Her academic record remains excellent and she is a top position holder even after her competition has changed to students of a mainstream private school. Her favorite subject is biology and she aspires to be a doctor.

She was excited to report that she has opened a coaching center in her house where she tutors primary school students to support her family. A young student herself, she is proud of her students’ good academic results – a feat for which she has earned the respect of neighboring families.

We are proud of our graduates who had barely two years of informal education under their belts, but shone among children who have studied in private schools all their life. A big thank you to donors, supporters and volunteers for making this work possible.


Khanzaib working on an assignment






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