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Star student from the street dreams of medical school
By Jahanara Shiraz - Director of Academics for non-formal schools
Husna with her family

Husna Yaseen graduated from our primary education programme for children who are forced to choose work over school. She did so well that she made the cut for top graduates who are selected to be sponsored for secondary education (beyond the 6th grade) in a mainstream school.

At our Lahore region primary school imparting non-formal education to working children, Husna was an eager student and dreamed of becoming a doctor. Upon graduation from the primary programme, she was enrolled in a school of the Hamza Girls School System at Chungi Amar Sidhu, Lahore. This admission was entirely on merit - she performed exceptionally well on their admission criteria and was awarded a seat at the school. This itself was an achievement for Husna, given the vast disparity in her background (socioeconomic status, years of education, standard of education) and that of the average student applying to a private school.


Husna comes from a very humble background. Her father is a poor street vendor who struggles to feed his family of seven (He has two daughters and two sons in addidtion to Husna). Being the eldest of five siblings, Husna bears the additional burden of supporting her mother in housework, but her passion for learning can be gauged from the fact that she still helps to tutor her siblings in her free time.


Husna is very serious about her studies and her goals - she is working hard in school today to be able to become a doctor one day. Her committment in the face of adversity is impressive and we wish her all the luck.

We hope to continue to sponsor secondary education for Husna and other star students like her, and we thank our donors for their generous support in making this possible!


Husna at a lesson at school

Husna in class
Husna at work to support her household
Husna studying at home






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