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A 9th-grader juggling work, school & family
By Jahanara Shiraz - Director of Academics for non-formal schools
Dilber in his new uniform

Hello. This time we bring you the story of Dilber Malik, one of the star graduates from our Paid to Learn primary education programme, juggling work, school and family.


Dilber was a brilliant student at Zindagi Trust’s Naseerabad School for working children. He graduated from the primary education programme there with flying colors in 2009. His father Abdul Malik, who had served in the Pakistan army, was martyred in an ambush by terrorists leaving Dilber the only earning member of his family. After his father’s death, he started working in the main fruit and vegetable market of Islamabad to support his family. He makes Rs.5000 a month, most of which goes towards rent and the studies of his 3 younger brothers. Dilber puts in extra time, working late nights in the market to make ends meet.


After graduating in the top 10% of his primary education class, Dilber qualified for Zindagi Trust’s programme that sponsors the secondary education of the top graduates.


Through this secondary education support programme, Dilber was placed in the 6th grade at Honey Public School, Naseerabad, Rawalpindi. He is now in the 9th grade, doing well in a mainstream school, with students who don’t have to work to support their families. His teachers are very happy with him - his class teacher told us that he is an intelligent student and is a cooperative group member in the class activities. He has also been appreciated for his regularity & punctuality.


Dilber aims to continue his studies and graduate from his first year or college, before joining the service in his father’s footsteps. His favorite subject is English and he loves to play cricket whenever he has some free time.


The team at Zindagi Trust believes hard work always pays off and for us Dilber is already a deserved success. We wish him all the best for the future and hope that donors like yourself continue to help us support the continuing education of these bright young minds.


Dilber in class

Dilber reading






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