Sport was made a regular feature in the weekly timetable for students from KG to Class 10. The school grounds were cleaned and developed into a wonderful field used for football, hockey, netball, etc. A new basketball court was built. A full-time sports staff, consisting initially of 5 teachers, was hired to run the programme and coach the students. Within months of starting sports at the school, the students at SMB Fatima Jinnah School were participating in inter-school events in sports ranging from rowing to netball.


Listen to the school’s pioneer sports teacher, Ambreen Hameed, who recently got certified to coach football all over Asia, talk about her experience at Fatima Jinnah School.


Students have won in inter-school, inter-district, and even national events in sports ranging from netball, football, basketball, throwball, rowing to taekwondo. There are many talented athletes hiding in broken classrooms across public schools in Pakistan and Zindagi Trust continues to encourage the government to help them discover their talents by promoting sports at the school level.


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