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School Consolidation Policy
When Zindagi Trust took over the management of the SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School campus, there were eight schools functional within a single campus: five primary schools (class one to five) and three secondary schools (class six to 10) in the same school premises, each with its own set of teachers and administrators who could not be shared. This phenomenon is not uncommon in Karachi where there are 3,625 government schools but only 900 campuses. Zindagi Trust merged the eight schools into one at SMB School and, more significantly, also lobbied successfully for policy reform to prevent this administrative nightmare from continuing other schools: in July 2011, the Sindh Education Secretary issued a notification approving the School Consolidation Policy that aims to merge adjoining and nearby schools in one campus under one administration.


Here is a news report about the policy featuring the Fatima Jinnah School:


Shahzad Roy talking to GEO News on Education by zinddagitrust

Private (ab)use of school grounds
Another curious practice inherited by the school was the renting out of the school grounds to private parties for wedding dinners at night. The grounds were never cleaned up to be ready for the children the next day, with leftovers from the dinner attracting the neighbourhood’s wild dogs instead! This not only rendered the grounds unusable by the students, depriving them of their right to play sports and run around and express themselves, but also presented a serious hazard. After taking over the school, Zindagi Trust had the grounds cleaned out and put an end to any such activities on the school premises, and successfully pushed the government to implement the same in schools across the city.

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