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Rabisa, a student of Class 8, loves to dance and is fond of public speaking. Her teachers and classmates have fond memories of her explosive speech on Iqbal and the philosophy of Pakistan at last year’s Independence Day event at the school. She wants to become a doctor.

Rabisa is an enthusiastic student, brimming with confidence, life and ambition. She joined SMB Fatima Jinnah School in the 6th grade from a private school. She believes that studies at SMB Fatima Jinnah are made simple for the students and learning is a lot more fun than at her old school. What really makes the school stand out for Rabisa are the various extra-curricular activities in which she takes part regularly.

Even though ‘all is well’ for her at SMB Fatima, she thinks a little more effort by the students and the administration is required to keep the school neat and free of litter.

Her aim in life is to become a doctor and she pledges not to charge anything from her patients. She has the drive to achieve all her goals in life.

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