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Aarzoo, a student of Class 8, is a passionate debater and an aspiring actress. She wants to become the President of Pakistan to rid the country of "dirt".

Arzoo joined the school in 2008 and is currently studying in grade 8. She loves sports, particularly basketball and cricket. She admires Pakistani cricket team captain, Shahid Afridi. 

Arzoo wants to contest the elections and says the first thing she will do if she wins is to rid the country of all the trash. Upon further prompting, Arzoo reveals that by trash she means all the dirty and corrupt people ruining Pakistan! 

Arzoo is a fan of acting and theatre and her favorite actors are Noor and Waheed Murad. She has also participated in the school’s drama competition. She has taken part in speech for the Independence Day Event and will be talking about the war of independence. She is a big supporter of a cleaner environment and hopes that when she grows up she is able to improve the conditions of her country. 

Arzoo enjoys her English class the most because of the very interesting activities that take place in that particular period. The youngest of the five siblings, Arzoo is a very responsible daughter and loves helping her mother with the household chores. She aims to polish her acting skills and also work on time management for the future.


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