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Madiha is an eight-grader inspired by celebrities devoted to social benefit, and her message to the grown-ups of Pakistan is to stop picking fights and to learn to get along. She joined SMB in 7th class from a private school. She enjoys the options for extra-curriculars such as sports and art provided at the school. 

Madiha’s father runs a factory that manufactures shopping bags and her mother is a housewife. She wants to become a doctor so that she can cure poor patients for free. Keeping this aim in mind, Madiha has been a bright student throughout her academic career. Her favourite subjects are English and Maths and her favourite teacher is her English teacher, Ms. Zarrin, because she is calm and introduces interesting activities in class.

Madiha is very fond of basketball and likes playing it during her free periods at school, in addition to the sports periods. She also participated in the recent Independence Day Event at the school where she danced on a national folk song, participated in a play and was part of the lead singing the National anthem. Madiha’s admires Shehzad Roy and Ali Zafar because of their love for humanity and commitment to society.

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