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Hafsa, from Class 8, is the captain of the school's cricket team and wants to become an architectural engineer. She is also an avid dancer and is performing at the school's Independence Day event.

Hafsa is a bright and confident 13 year old who studies in grade 8 at the SMB Fatima Jinnah School. Having joined the school in 2007 she has been actively involved in extracurricular activites along with being a diligent student. She wants to become an architectural engineer when she grows up, following the footsteps of her father. She studies of her own volition because she believes that education is a vital part of life and without learning and knowledge a person is ignorant. 

Hafsa has a keen interest in sports. Her passion for cricket in particular has led to her becoming the captain of the school cricket team. Her favorite cricketer is Shahid Afridi. 

Hafsa recently participated in a spectacular dance performance for the Independence Day event and tells us that she loves to dance and can choreograph a dance to any song. This little bundle of confidence, not only focuses on her school studies and activities, but also goes to the Madrassa after school for at least two hours.

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