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Iman, a student of Class 4, wants to be a teacher and gave us a great demo on-demand by reading out a snippet from her storybook and testing her classmates' comprehension of it.

Iman is a bright and cheerful 4th-grader. Her father works as a mechanic and her mother is a housewife. She has a passion for reading and has developed it as her hobby. Her dream is to become a teacher and she is particularly keen to teach mathematics which is also her favorite subject. 

She impressed us with her astounding confidence when she played the role of a teacher and began teaching her friends during her library class, and successfully tested their reading and comprehension skills in the span of two minutes without any instructions!

Iman also likes to be a part of the extracurricular and takes part in various celebrations like the Independence Day, where she likes to sing and dance along with her friends. Her favorite singer is Ali Zafar and she also enjoys some Bollywood songs. 

She enjoys her time at the school would like the school to introduce chess and snooker in the games period!

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