Taekwondo Champs, Policy Win & Green Classes
Students win Top 3 positions in Inter-School Taekwondo      April 2012

Students from Fatima Jinnah School won the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize n the 7th Karachi Inter-School Taekwondo Championship in Karachi. 18 other schools from Karachi, including elite private schools such as Froebels, Beaconhouse, City, Haque Academy, CAS and International School, were participating in the competition, so a government school outshining everyone was a doubly proud moment! More...



     In this issue:

  • Green Classes at SMB & PTL
  • Inter-House Competitions: Hockey, Netball, Basketball
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Campus Consolidation Policy: From Law to Practice
The Directorate of School Education in Karachi has issued a notification declaring our flagship reform project school, the SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School, a one campus school. This merging of 7 schools – each with its own administration – into one school means it will now officially have one principal, one campus, and one budget. The School Consolidation Policy issued in 2011 will make this practice a reality in schools beyond Fatima Jinnah. We believe this will erode corruption in school management and pave the way for strong administration. To learn about the significance of this curious administrative detail, read more...
Spring Festival continues at Paid to Learn schools for working children

Last month, our network of schools for working children across Pakistan kicked off spring by sowing seeds and planting herbs through a hands-on activity. They were thrilled—and proud- to see their seeds grow into sunflowers, onions and herbs like coriander, mint and garlic. Watch more...

Composting and Recycling / Gardening Class
Zahra Ali, urban farmer and founder of Crops in Pots, volunteered to teach 7th-graders at Fatima Jinnah School about waste management and composting. They loved the idea and started a compost pit at the campus for which they collected trash from school's kitchen, garden and their classrooms. She also showed them how to make a bottle tower using empty plastic bottles to grow vegetables. Read more about her in the Volunteer Testimonials section on our website. If you’d like to contribute your skills & time to help Zindagi Trust educate Pakistan’s future, please fill out our volunteer form.
Inter-House Hockey, Basketball and Netball at Fatima Jinnah School
Inter-House Hockey, Basketball and Netball Tournaments were held at the SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School to introduce and promote a variety of sports among the students, give the younger students a taste of competitive sport and to discover and nurture students’ athletic skills. Students from Classes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 participated in the competition, while their classmates watched and cheered for their House team from the sidelines. The Inter-House system, which groups the student body into the Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Houses, was recently revived at the school and previous sports competitions, such as in football, have been successful in not only exposing more students to a new sport but also in building school spirit.
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      More Highlights
  • Our schools for working children put up tableau performances to celebrate Pakistan Day
  • Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi was celebrated at SMB Fatima Jinnah School to commemorate the birth of the Holy Prophet.
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