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Learning modules such as chess, public speaking, sexual abuse awareness, pottery, taekwondo and rollerblading have been introduced at the school, along with a strong sports and art programme in order to give the students a chance to explore and develop their talents as well as to become considerate and well-aware citizens equipped to shape Pakistan's future. We believe that school should focus on the mental and physical development of children in addition to academics and are confident that these learning modules help develop balanced, well-rounded, self-aware and responsible citizens.


Chess is one of our current learning modules, taught by the wonderful Shehzad Mirza, an international chessmaster whose guidance has led Fatima Jinnah School's chess team to glory multiple times in the past year. Most recently, the school bagged the 3rd position in the chess olympiad held in Karachi. Click Here

Another ongoing learning module is an abuse awareness class developed by our partner NGO, Aahung, which teaches young, vulnerable students about "Good Touch, Bad Touch" through colouring and art. A more involved Aahung course, complete with an illustrated Urdu textbook, on life skills is taught to girls in Classes 8 and 9 - they learn about their bodies, their environment, health & nutrition, their rights and how to protect themselves. A big thank you to Aahung along with a special shout-out to Nazo, who captivated the interest of a dozen or so government school teachers during her excellent training workshop for the course!

Read more about the latest learning modules at the school here.

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