Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do you build schools?
A. No, we don’t build schools. We either borrow Government school buildings or rent out private premises for afternoon shifts to run our schools.
Q. Where are your schools located?
A. Our schools are located in urban areas of Karachi, Lahore, and Rawal Pindi
Q. How do you select location of a school?
A. Our regional teams in the three regions identify the need for a school through field survey and recommend to the Management.
Q. Who picks the location?
A. Regional Coordinators recommend the location on the basis of survey.
Q. How many students do you currently have in your schools?
A. More then 2800 students are currently enrolled in our schools.
Q. What is generally the age of students in your schools?
A. At the time of induction the age ranges between 7-9 years.
Q. What is the level of education to which your schools cater for ?
A. Students in the ZT schools are provided primary education from kindergarten (KG) level to class five.
Q. How do you register the students or how do students seek admission in your schools?
A. We follow the following procedure:
1. Community Survey
2. Identification of working children
3. Parents’ & Employers’ Consent
4. Conduct text & interviews
5. Register the students in school
Q. What do the student do after they graduate?
A. Graduating students are selected to continue on to secondary education in mainstream schools based on their performance in the Paid to Learn programme. The expenses for their continuing education are borne by Zindagi Trust.
Q. Do you have dropouts?
A. Yes we have dropouts but minimal.
Q. What is the student teacher ratio?
A. The student teacher ratio is 16 to 17 students to a teacher.
Q. How do you hire teachers?
A.Advertise the job opportunity in areas where our schools are located.
· Receive applications.
· Short list suitable candidate for interviews
· Take demonstrations of classroom teaching from selected candidates.
· The candidates who meet the criteria are hired.
Q. Do teachers get additional training?
A. Yes! Teachers’ training is one activity that is carried out on a regular basis to keep the teachers abreast with the modern teaching techniques.
Q. How do I sponsor a child? A school?
A. Please click on the given web link

Q. For how long can I sponsor a child?
A. It is up to you. Please find the enclosed sponsorship details:

Q. What if I want to sponsor a child for his/her entire education for as many years as he/she is at ZT?
A. Be my Buddy sponsors who pay by cheque/Bank draft (payable to `Zindagi Trust'), please send your contact information, write the name of sponsored student on the envelope and mail to Zindagi Trust Office for online payment please follow the given web link (
Q. What happens if the child I sponsor drops out?
What happens to the money?

A. We transfer the donation amount to other students with the consent of sponsors.
Q. Who are the students who have been sponsored through the Sponsor a Child Programme?
A. You can view profiles of the sponsored students here:
Q. Who are the students I can sponsor through the Sponsor a Child Programme?
A. You can view profiles of the featured students here:
Q. What does my donation pay for?
A. Direct and Indirect educational expenses of children.
Q. Can I get updates on the child I sponsored?
A. Yes, we do send updates to sponsors.
Q. How often can I get the updates?
A. Our academic session is spread over 4.5 months instead of traditional one year. We send updates and progress of sponsored students at the end of every academic term. In case of dropout we inform sponsors at the time of dropout.
Q. Can I contact Shehzad Roy personally?
A. To contact SR please visit the website of
Q. I want to host a fundraiser, how do I go about doing that?
A. If you are interested in helping the cause, please send an email to:
Q. I want to get updated on ZT, how do I sign up for that?
A. On home page you will find Subscribe to our monthly newsletter
Q. Can I send books / pencils etc to ZT?
A. Yes! All type of donation in terms of Cash and Kind are welcome.
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