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Zindagi Trust Schools Hold Graduation & Award Distribution Ceremonies
Date: 1/12/2014
Term result & award distribution ceremonies were held in all Zindagi Trust schools of Rawalpindi Region from 01 December 2014..
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Zindagi Trust Children Celebrate Allama Iqbal’s 137th Birthday
Date: 9/11/2014
To mark the day, children of Zindagi Trust paid tribute to Dr Allama Iqbal, known as the poet of East and the Philosopher. A colorful programme was organized to celebrate the event, comprises of speeches, songs and poetry. .
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Awareness Campaign on Clean Drinking Water in Zindagi Trust Schools
Date: 3/9/2014
The children of Zindagi Trust Schools across Pakistan held an awareness campaign about the health hazards of drinking unclean water in their respective communities. We believe that awareness and education are the powerful tools in the fight against water-borne diseases..
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68th Independence Day celebrations in Zindagi Trust Schools
Date: 14/8/2014
Children and Teachers celebrated 68th Independence Day with great passion and patriotic feelings in Zindagi Trust Schools across Pakistan. Children of Zindagi Trust Schools decorated their classes with the Pakistan flags, colorful balloons & pictures of national heroes..
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Yearly Eye Examinations in all PTL Schools of Lahore Region
Date: 15/7/2014
Children’s eye exams play an important role in ensuring normal vision development and academic achievements of children. In July, 2014 working children enrolled in our Paid to Learn programme in Lahore had their yearly eye checked under LRBT’s Pediatric Urban Eye Care Programme. Thanks to the Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust (LRBT) in collaboration with SightSavers and Standard Chartered Bank..
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Children at Zindagi Trust Schools Get the 3rd & Final Dose of Hepatitis Vaccination.
Date: 28/5/2014
Khadija Foundation Vaccination Camp has given the third & final dose of hepatitis vaccination to the children of Zindagi Trust Schools , Rawalpindi Region. .
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Zindagi Trust Children Celebrate Mother’s Day
Date: 11/5/2014
Children of Zindagi Trust Schools prepared cards & posters to honor their mothers & expressed gratitude for all the hardships they bear in bringing them up. .
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Zindagi Trust Schools Observe Environment Week
Date: 5/5/2014
To be a part of the observation of the World Environment Day in the globe, children of Zindagi Trust Schools observed environment week with zeal and enthusiasm. Saplings were planted in the schools’ premise in flower pots and then a general cleanliness drive was conducted around the schools..
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Al Shifa Eye Trust holds Eye Camps for Zindagi Trust Schools’ Children- Rawalpindi Region.
Date: 9/4/2014
Al- Shifa Trust, Rawalpindi organized Eye Camps on 09, 14, 15 and 18 April 2014 in all Zindagi Trust Schools of Rawalpindi region. Students, teachers & peons of morning private schools as well were the part of the eye camps. In addition, interested parents of Zindagi Trust Schools availed the facility of eye treatment & were thankful to Zindagi Trust & Al- Shifa Eye Trust..
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Hepatitis Vaccination Camp for Working Children
Date: 24/10/2013
A hepatitis vaccination camp was held for the students of all the Paid to Learn schools for working children in Rawalindi. In addition to all the students, 42 teachers were also vaccinated against hepatitis. The vaccines were administered by a team from the Khadia Foundation.
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