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Season of summer camps in schools
Date: 10/6/2011
Our dear donors, well-wishers and supporters, I am taking this opportunity to thank you all for the achievements and successes that our students are getting through your financial support. It is great that Zindagi Trust primary graduated children are now studying in mainstream schools. This is considered as one of the greatest achievements of Zindagi Trust and for this a big Thank you to our donors for making it all possible.
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SMB students win top 3 at CDGK Chess Competition
Date: 15/3/2011
The City District Government of Karachi (CDGK) organized a first-ever chess competition on 15th March 2011 in Karachi Women Complex. This event was the brainchild and of the Sindh Sports Minister.
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ILead Sports Festival
Date: 28/2/2011
ILead organized a sports festival for the top 50 schools of Karachi at the National Coaching Centre (NCC) on 28th February 2011. SMB Fatima School was represented by 25 students.
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Nutritious Breakfast, a secret to staying healthy
Date: 13/2/2011
We gratefully acknowledge the support of our donors, well-wishers & supporters, who fund our breakfast program. It is all because of their support that SMB Fatima Jinnah School management efforts to improve nutrition intake has an impact on children success and readiness for learning.
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Zahida Buksh Wins Bronze Medal in 31st Taekwondo National Championship
Date: 10/1/2011
Zahida Buksh, student of grade 8 of Zindagi Trust SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls Secondary School Karachi participated in National Taekwondo championship at 31st National Games, which was held from 25th Dec to 30th Dec, 2010 with collaboration of Pakistan Taekwondo Federation (PTF) in Sports Complex, Islamabad, under the supervision of Pakistan Olympics Association..
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DCO Karachi visits Fatima Jinnah School, appreciates Zindagi Trusts work
Date: 25/10/2005
DCO Karachi Roshan Ali Shaikh and his team visited the SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School on the 25th of October 2011. He was briefed by the Zindagi Trust team about events and activities at the school, recent student achievements as well as issues faced in the academics and administration of the school.
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Students win Special Prize in country-wide letter-writing competition
Date: 1/1/2005
Students from Zindagi Trust participated and won the Special Prize in a creative letter-writing competition organized by Kumak Pakistan, an organization striving to promote unity and ownership in the youth of Pakistan. The competition encouraged Pakistanis to share their dreams in writing. The competition was open to all ages and was judged by literary figures on the basis of originality of idea and creativity..
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I am Paid to Learn graduate bags 2nd position in mainstream private school
Date: 1/1/2005
Zindagi Trust’s effort to integrate bright and successful graduates of the “I am Paid to Learn” programme into the mainstream education system turned a year old in April 2011. This year sixty out of the three hundred graduates of the “I am Paid to Learn” programme of non-formal education will get admitted to Class 7.
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Quaid-e-Azam Day was celebrated across Zindagi Trust’s
Date: 1/1/2005
Zindagi intends to reach, out to working children and provide them basic education supplementing, rather than distrubing the finances of their families. It aims to do this by providing incentive to the working child and his/her parents in form of cash payments of Rs.20 for each session attented. On a rented or donated premises, their classes are held on time schedules that suit their work routine. .
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