Annual Sports Day at SMB Fatima Jinnah Govt Girls School
Date: 20/1/2016
January was Annual Sports Day time at the SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School. 
This year, for the first time, a separate Sports Day was also held for the Junior Section. All 230 students of Kindergarten put up a colourful and well-coordinated PT display, sporting T-shirts of their house colour. They also took part in cheer-leading, turtle race, ball collection race, water race, modelling as well as exceptional cultural and modern dances. Students of Classes 4 and 5 presented a beautiful demo of taekwondo skills. 
The main Sports Day for the Senior Section was a grand event attended by parents, local sportsmen, district government staff, union councillers and the general school community. 
A breath-taking demonstration of taekwondo by 50 students was the star attraction of the event - our talented students stunned the audience by gracefully breaking wood with their hands, elbows and heads. A roller-skating display and cultural presentations like Baloch dance and cheer-leading added to the beauty of the day. The girl scouts performed march past as the school band played a beautiful tune.
Apart from the regular flat race and athletics meets, variety races such as turtle race, discipline race, teachers' race, support staff race were also held. A tug-of war between sports teachers and section heads was also held and won by the sports teachers. These activities were not only enjoyed greatly by the students and the teachers but also helped build a great sense of community among everyone who studies and works at the school. All the participants were given cups, medals or shields, including the winners of the chess and scrabble competitions that took place earlier in the month. Yellow House was declared to be the overall winner of the year, with the most points in all sports-related activities. 
Apart from the almost 500 parents who attended both the Junior and Senior Sports Days combined, the following guests graced us with their presence: international throwball players - Okasha and Niha, Councilors from UC 19 Garden - Mr Shoaib and Mr Salim, Chairman UC 12 Lyari - Mr Habibul Hasan, Vice Chairmen of UC 12 Lyari and UC 19 Garden - Mr Irfan Siddiqui and Mr Akram, Social Worker - Kamran Shah, Members of School Advisory Board for DOSTI - Javed and Lubna, Representative of DOSTI, British Council - Mr M Rais, Math Educator and Trainer - Dr Shirazi, Government of Sindh's Department of Education and Literacy District South Officer, Coordinator, Taluka Officer - Saba Mahmud, Najma and Abdul Karim Samejo.
Ms Saba Mahmud, the District Officer South for the Education Department, said that she had not seen such a show in any government school in her life and that she would like all government schools of District South to progress like SMB Fatima Jinnah. She appreciated the efforts of Zindagi Trust as the government staff. 
Mr Irfan Siddiqui, Vice Chairman Lyari UC 12 got very emotional to see the program and said in his speech that in a time when other schools are closed due to certain fears, SMB Fatima Jinnah has given a message to the nation about how brave nations can defeat their enemies through constant work. He also said Zindagi Trust has given a new zindagi to the school and such programs remind him of the time when public schools in Pakistan were model schools and this tradition was being revived by ZT.
Taluka Education Officer Abdul Karim Samejo said that today SMB has proved that talent is not the monopoly of the higher society but it is the common heritage of all the nation and today the children of labourers and poor families have presented an astonishing show. He recited verses of Iqbal in praise of our children.
Mr Rais of the DOSTI Program from the British Council said that he had previously thought that the school was doing well in football but he was pleasantly surprised to see the school doing well in so many other sports-related activities.
The event was concluded with a sense of great success and happiness. 
Project: School Reform, SMB
Category: Sports, Competition
Date: January 2016



Program:  School Reform
Tags:   Sports  Competition        
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