Academic Result Ceremony for Pindi schools
Date: 26/10/2012

Ceremonies were held to announce the academic results for the past term in all our Paid to Learn schools for working children in Rawalpindi. Prizes were awarded to all the position holders i.e. students who stood 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their class.


A total of 92 students passed their final examination and graduated out of our primary education programme. These successful graduates were awarded stipends and prizes for their performances.


Motivational and congratulatory speeches were delivered by the regional coordinator and by the various field officers of the schools. At this point, students and their parents – who were specially invited for this reason – were given information on Zindagi Trust’s programme to sponsor the secondary education of the top graduates of the programme. We are confident that the brief infosession will have brought benefit not only to the current successful graduates but will have also served as motivator for the students still enrolled in the programme to do well so that their futures can be made brighter and more secure with more education.


The event was not all serious talk about academics and future careers. Students also got to express and enjoy themselves by putting on various performances in acting, recital and singing. Some students acted out skits based upon the themes of cleanliness and the importance of education. Groups of students also performed on the poems of Iqbal such as “Lab pe aati hai dua” as well as “Dekho bacho haathi aaya”, and a Hamd. Students who were not performing also enjoyed the event as eager viewers, clapping away throughout the event. Some students also performed on national songs.


The Program ended with pledges that all th estudents will be regular at school and will show good performance during the coming academic term.


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