Award Ceremony held at Rawalpindi Schools
Date: 20/5/2012

Award ceremonies were held at all the Rawalpindi region schools for working children, where high achievers were awarded prizes and a successful term celebrated with student performances of plays and songs.

The results of the students’ academic performance were officially announced at the event. The top position-holders from each grade were awarded prizes. 89 students of the fifth-grade who passed their final exams were awarded prizes and a stipend for completing the primary school programme.

The ceremony also involved some fun student performances. Students acted on dramas based on the theme of the importance of education. A group of students also performed on Urdu poems such as “Dekho Bacho Haathi Ayaa.” Colourful presentations of national songs were put up by some students. Overall, the students participated enthusiastically in the different performances on show and were encouraged by applause from teachers and fellow students.

To conclude the event, the regional academic coordinator as well as the various field offciers for the schools delivered speeches to congratulate the students and motivate them to continue being positive and working hard for a better future. The students pledged to attend school regularly and perform well in their studies.

Program:  Paid To Learn
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