New term kicks off in Paid to Learn schools across Pakistan
Date: 29/4/2012

The new academic term for our network of Paid to Learn schools for working children across Pakistan started last week, on the 23rd of April 2012. The academic staff in each school welcomed the returning students as well as the 580 new admissions, all of whom were enthusiastic about the start of the term in their new classes and were especially happy to get new books and stationery for the term.

The academic team for each region reviewed student performance in the previous term. These schools provide primary education to children from Pakistan’s urban slums who are forced to work to support their families. As a result, the instruction is designed to be delivered through an accelerated 2.2-year programme which requires regular monitoring and review. The academic teams discussed efforts to boost academic achievement, reviewed the scheme of studies as well as the calendar of curricular and co-curricular activities for the new term, deciding to give special attention to ethical and emotional development.

The results from the last term are encouraging, with 97% of the students having passed their classes – falling in the “Very Good” category according to our internal academic assessment. A total of 242 students who were in their final term of the primary education programme graduated successfully. More than 50 graduating students were successful in getting admission to the 6th grade in a variety of mainstream private and public schools through an initiative whereby Zindagi Trust supports the continuing education of the top graduates of its primary education programme.

Good luck for the new term to all our students and teachers!

Program:  Paid To Learn
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