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Zindgi Trust continues on its journey to provide primary education to the working, underprivileged children through its I am Paid to Learn programme. Right from the outset, we were seized with finding ways to provide these children an opportunity for further education. Since it was not possible with the existing resources and also required specialist teachers, we branched out simultaneously in 2008 in to government school reform. We started 3 years ago by adopting 7 co-located government schools in Karachi, combining them into one school under one administration. Our goal was to transform the school to bring it at par with a private school in all aspects and endeavour to provide a higher quality of academic education. It is a moment of satisfaction that we have transformed the school, but we need to do more.

ZT has also successfully developed a new Mathematics textbook for Class 1 which has now been accepted as the prescribed supplementary book by the Sindh Textbook Board – no mean achievement and in line with our mission of public school reform. In the IMPTL primary education programme, ZT now sponsors high performers to continue their studies in mainstream secondary schools.

The Board appreciates that donors and others are critical that there is no expansion of the adopted schools. However, transforming the existing government school is a gigantic task that needs time and a huge effort. Unless we are sure that the desired systems are in place and an infrastructure has been firmly embedded for sustainable growth, we deliberately choose not go for new ventures. Additionally, the funds required to adopt another school have to be available before initiating the project and that can only happen after the needs of existing IMPTL Schools and the current Government School have been met.


It is with pride and pleasure that I report that ZT USA has pledged funds in 2011 for adopting a new school, in addition to contributing for the other projects. In view of this we will soon identify and announce the school to be adopted.


None of our programmes would be achievable without the generous and constant support of the friends of the children of Pakistan- our donors in Pakistan and across the globe. My special appreciation goes to ZT Pakistan and USA for providing the maximum support in terms of fund-raising.


Lt Gen Munir Hafiez (R),
Zindagi Trust

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