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Most children at the Fatima Jinnah School come from underprivileged backgrounds and cannot afford to have breakfast before coming to school. This is an unhealthy practice and hampers their abilities to concentrate in class, resulting in slow progress.


To counter this problem and prepare the children to be energetic and active, a Breakfast Programme was started for Kindergarten students, where the young children were given fortified milk and a breakfast of either eggs, noodles or fruits (depending upon the season) so that they could get some nutritious fuel for the day. The programme supports almost 250 children and is monitored and supervised by a team of two teachers, two parent volunteers, as well as the Sports Coordinator & Project Coordinator.


In addition to starting their day with a nutritious meal, the children also learn table manners and the importance of good eating habits. The activity starts at 8am and ends at 8:30 am with a thanksgiving prayer. The team takes care to create a healthy and balanced menu.


The programme has brought about a heartening improvement in the development and health of our young students. The nurse in the Health Room reports that she hardly sees any complaints from KG students now. This shows the impact of the programme – given how many of them would have to be taken to the health room every day, fainting from weakness or malnutrition.

Programme details
  • The breakfast runs from 8-8:30AM
  • 2 maids reach at 7AM to set things up
  • The menu always includes milk with Rooh Afza
  • In addition to the milk, the students are given something to eat. The menu varies according to the season, but has included boiled eggs, instant noodles, fruits, etc.
  • Currently there is 16-17 litres of milk provided every day
  • Teachers from KG1 and KG2 supervise this activity - a separate teacher is deputed every day to balance out their load.
  • Plates, mugs, bowls, trays, tissue paper are all provided to the students. 
  • Students are taught table manners - everything from how to peel a banana to how to get seated in a chair without making a fuss.
  • A monthly report is kept detailing the food/milk quantities provided as well as the attendance of the students
  • The programme was started in April 2009 and the school nurse has reported that it has reduced the number of KG students reporting to the health room 
  • The students really love Rooh Afza (they did not like the switch to other brands, e.g. the green Quice ice-cream soda mix), so there is a potential CSR / support option there

Programme Cost
The following are the details of SMB breakfast program as of August 2011.
The total monthly cost of breakfast program is Rs. 26,000 and it is supporting meals for 237 students in all.

Menu Qty
Milk 445 Ltrs
Rooh Afza 09 Bottles
Bananas 60 Doz
Eggs 60 Doz
Tissue Papers 8 pkt
Garbage Bags 2 Kg
Dishwashing Soap 03

The programme is made possible by the support of Zindagi Trust’s generous donors. Please continue to contribute towards the programme and make a real difference in both the health and education of the bright young minds!

Supporters in the US can now donate directly to the programme via text message! 
Simply text GIVE 5950 to 80088. Normal messaging rates apply
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