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Our Paid to Learn, Sponsor a Child program (previously known as Be My Buddy) lets you make a long-term commitment towards the education of an underprivileged child worker.


Paid to Learn program educates children who work in the urban slums of Pakistan. With nearly 1200 students in schools across Lahore and Rawalpindi, a two-year accelerated primary education course is taught to children who spend most of their days toiling in car-repair shops, street markets, cottage industries and general stores and cannot afford to go to school.


You can choose to sponsor a child worker’s education for any duration – from a single term, to a year, to the entire duration of their primary or secondary education.


Primary School
Secondary School
One Term of School
Two Terms of School
One year of School
Complete Program


What’s New for Donors?


Until the recent past, our Be My Buddy program made potential donors like you select a specific child to sponsor from a list of featured student profiles. With time, we realized that we want to give every child enrolled with us an equal opportunity of benefiting from your donations. To this end, we restructured the program so that a donor can now choose to sponsor a child, committing to the responsibility of funding their education in part or whole, without having to select a specific child from a list.


We will be sharing stories of how your donations are making an impact and changing the lives of our children at Zindagi Trust through our Primary Education and Secondary Education Sponsorships for child workers. Click on the links below to donate and read some of these inspirational stories.


Primary School Students: Sponsor a child worker’s Primary Education


Secondary School Students: Sponsor our top graduates


If you have previously sponsored a student under Be My Buddy, you can access their profile here.

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