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If you are looking to make a more long-term commitment to a child's education, you can sponsor the education of a working child as well as develop a relationship with them through our Be My Buddy programme.


You can support our students through a variety of options, from one term to a full two years. You will be in touch with them through an exchange of letters and will also get regular updates on their academic progress. You can sponsor students as follows:

Primary School
Secondary School
One term $35 (3,500 PKR) will fund a 4-month term of primary education for a child worker One term
$ 40 (4,000 PKR) will fund a 3-month term of Secondary education
One Year $100 (10,000 PKR) can provide 1 year of primary education to a child worker Two term $75 (7,500 PKR) will fund a 6-month term of Secondary education
Complete primary education $250 (25,000 PKR) supports a complete course of primary education for 1 child worker One Year $ 150 (15,000 PKR) can provide 1 year of Secondary education
Entire school of 75 child workers $500 (50,000 PKR) sponsors one month of primary education for an entire school of 75 child workers Complete Secondary education $ 600 (60,000 PKR) supports a complete Secondary education
(Class VI to X)
75 child workers for one term $2,500 (250,000 PKR) supports an entire school for 75 child workers for one term N/A N/A


For 30 Kindergarten students Breakfast for a month $100.

For 60 Kindergarten students Breakfast for a month $200.


To become a ‘Buddy' find a student you would like to sponsor and mentor from our list of Student Profiles and send us an email or give us a call at +92-21-34125614-6

If you choose to make your sponsorship payment online, please make sure you send an email to with the name of the child you would like to sponsor.


Be a part of this program to gift these children a chance to live their dreams. It's your contribution that will help us secure the future of the underprivileged-working children at Zindagi Trust schools. Let's touch their lives with our contribution and add vigor to the future of the country! Together we can and we will!


For further information/feedback on the project, email at:

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