Government schools have no provision for art – no art teachers, no art room, no art classes. Zindagi Trust believed in giving students the opportunity to explore their talents and introduced art in all classes from KG to Class 8. A beautiful art room was created where a storage dump once existed. Abandoned furniture was reused to build a creative, friendly space where students come for weekly art classes as well as pottery classes. Four art teachers were hired to build the art department staff from scratch and they have continued to do a wonderful job with art being one of the most popular subjects at school. All art material is supplied to the students free of cost.


In January 2009, just over a year after Zindagi Trust took over and introduced art at the school, Muqaddas Batool, a student of Class 6, won the Junior Level Art Prize at the 10th International Schools Educational Olympiad (ISEO), edging out students from major private schools. We hope to discover many more hidden artists in government schools across Pakistan and continue to urge the government to support art at the school level.



Art continues to flourish at the school, encouraging the students to push the boundaries and discover and refine their talent. Most recently, a colourful exhibition of art and handicrafts made from recycled materials was held at the school, where students displayed a variety of craft from decorative bowls and puppets to glass paintings. 
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